The Art of Renee N. Calvert

Warning: May Contain Nuts

About Renee

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Renee Calvert is an animator and illustrator based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Renee received her MFA in 2D Animation from the Academy of Art University in December of 2012. While there, she won awards in the Spring Show 2012 and was the first (and so far, only) woman to complete the 1000 Heads Challenge. Determined and hard-working, she gives her craft everything she has, and approaches her work with passion and commitment to produce the best work she can.

She specializes in character design and character animation, but also enjoys and is skilled in graphic design, effects animation, storyboards and comics illustration. Currently, she is drawing and writing a web comic, The Epic Odyssey of Thomas McLean. She is proficient in Toon Boom Harmony and most Adobe Creative Suite products, especially Photoshop and Flash. She makes one heck of a Power Point, too.

On this earth to have fun, make things that inspire and have fun while making things that inspire, Renee Calvert is an experienced artist who will take whatever challenge you throw at her with a smile and a chipper “I can do that!”

Get in touch with Renee at, or view her resume here


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